Photographs from First Table Mesa Workshop, October 1982

Sarah (Begay) Natani, Leona, and grandmother
Mrs. Henderson holds Leona's just-finished rug
with vegetal dyed yarn which became a present for
Jim & Marilyn's 33rd wedding anniversary.

Carol Lane looking into the root cellar with
dried sheepksins where Bruce slept inside
a small tent during the week while others slept
in the hogan or their camper shell.


Mary Black observes a ram leading some lambs.
(Note burlap "chastity belt" on the ram to prevent his
mating until Fall to delay birthing lambs until Spring.)

Group climbingTable Mesa (see arrow.)

Resting at top of Table Mesa.
Father David, Dorothy Miller (at back),
Mary Black, Marilyn Brandon, Bruce Belknap, Odelia Rodrigurez, Sarah, Carol Lane, Leo (standing)
Photos by Jim Brandon.

Looking eastward from top of Table Mesa toward
the Four Corners (where four states meet.)
Note lenticular cloud above Shiprock in the distance.

Leo and Sarah dig wild carrot roots while
leaving enough to grow and harvest next season.

View from trail down Table Mesa. Note Natani hogan and corral nearby and Barber Rock across the road.